PT 2.4 - Post-Testing Discussion

1.     Average velocity for the mousetrap car 

Total Distance: 5.8m
Total Time: 4 sec
Average Velocity= Total Distance/Total Time 
                           = 5.8m/4sec
                           = 1.45m/s
                           ≈ 1.4m/s (2.s.f)

2.     Best working part of the mousetrap

The wheels of the car worked very efficiently and effectively. The rubber bands on the wheels allowed for more friction which pushed the mousetrap car forward a lot more. Since the wheels were made out of styrofoam, it was also lightweight which decreased the reaction forces acting on the car. Thus, this allowed the car to move at a faster speed.

3.    Improvements that could have been made

We could have improved on the axles and also the part which connects the body to the axles. Due to a lack of materials, the axle was connected to the body by only poking it through the styrofoam. This caused quite an amount of issues like unstable wheels, the body breaking and the axle snapping. 


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